SiteMan for Retail is 100% focused on attracting more shoppers more often to your properties. We accomplish this mission by arming you with all of the tools necessary to engage those shoppers: search, web, mobile web, apps, e-mail, location, and social media. This alleviates the headache of solving each of these challenges (with all of their confusing options) individually and allows you to focus on your property business. Keep reading below to discover all the ways SiteMan for Retail can make you a superstar to your retailers and shoppers alike!

Great, Responsive Design

No templates or cookie-cutter designs here! We have always taken great pride in offering each client a fully customized design and user experience perfect for their audience and needs. SiteMan for Retail, since it was conceived and developed completely by us, offers no limits on design. We craft each site with a responsive layout which simply means that your site will format itself beautifully for any screen size. Don’t accept limits on your design as it will turn off your shoppers and simply won’t tell your story. Let your beautiful property shine to your digital audience which will only encourage visits.

Great Features

SiteMan for Retail offers a host of great features and we continue to innovate adding new features all the time to keep pace with the fast paced retail and digital marketing world.

Check out the features below and setup a demo today or call us at 888-907-7335.

Search section
Search iconSearch for Products

Siteman for Retail offers a fantastic product search tool that covers most national and regional retailers which allows the shopper to search for brands and products at your property. We filter the results so only tenants at your property are shown. The product search feature is available to the user on all pages of the site and in the apps.

Deals section
Deal iconIntegrated Deals

We have partnered with a national deal aggregator to provide specials, coupons, and deals to your customers. These deals from nearly all national retailers flow into the same list of deals from your local retailers, so everything is in one place and easy for your shoppers.

Trends section
Trend iconDaily Trends

We gather trending topics from your national retailers and leading social media influencers and integrate those right into your websites and apps for your properties. You can now offer your shoppers daily updates that will keep them returning your media channels and property.

Social Social Integration

We make content more socially aware by simplifying sharing on major social networks. Our vision here is to have each piece of content easily shared via the shoppers preferred social platform or e-mail. We also offer a social feed on the home page to include Facebook and Twitter (and others if desired or is a more appropriate focus) content from that properties retailers and their own social output if applicable. Content from Find it at the Mall can also be available to be published as a teaser on Facebook and Twitter (and other social platforms if desired).

In summary, SiteMan for Retail offers the following in regards to Social Media integration:

  • Offers 'Share this' functionality throughout content
  • Integrates social media feeds of tenants on their tenant detail pages
  • Can display social feeds from retailers on home page
  • Hashtag campaign integration
  • Content can be fed from SiteMan for Retail to social media where desired
Social media
TimeSocial Media Management

We provide our clients with complete social media management and monitoring. We provide design and setup of social media profiles, a complete calendar for each month that is approved by client in advance, and monitoring of each social media channel and reviews.

All of this is on a set calendar. We setup a month's worth of content in advance before sharing with your team for input and sign off for the upcoming month. The goal is to alleviate your workload by having you only edit and provide any local photos or information we may need for the calendar items for the month coming up.

We also define processes and provide expertise for handling bad reviews and complaints. Our best practices for social will engage your shoppers and bring more of them to your property more often!

Email pad
EmailE-mail Campaigns

Still the most effective digital marketing tool for engagement, SiteMan for Retail has a comprehensive e-mail campaign tool. You can manage multiple lists and view results of each e-mail campaign. Properties can opt to have auto-generated e-mail campaigns that go out on a set schedule. Each campaign can have its own unique design and can be auto generated by updated content on the site as well to save time.

Shoppers who subscribe can also customize their experience by choosing their interests and preferences. E-mails are then be tailored to these shoppers based on those interests selected.


Red 5 offers iOS and Android apps as an option. These apps offer the mobile shopper features like, location awareness, and all of the content that is included on the web all in an easy to use, beautiful app. Apps are required to take full advantage of iBeacon opportunities as well as mall proximity notifications.

Property Proximity Awareness

The apps offer shoppers the ability to receive push notifications from the property when they are within a defined range. For example, a mall might have a ‘Restaurant Week’ promotion that they could notify app users of who come within a predefined range of the property. These notifications can also be setup around the shopper's preferences so he/she can get notifications only on the shopper's interests.


With the apps, we also offer iBeacon options for more accurate location awareness and messaging (notification based) to our clients. This option also offers comprehensive tracking within the property for mobile devices. With this option, we can integrate into traffic counting platforms like Nomi, Mobiquity, and Retailnext. We can also deploy standalone iBeacon solutions that are custom to your property.

Search Optimization

A core part of our overall service, we concentrate on capturing organic searches for you. We help in the setup, monitoring and tweaking of this over time to make sure your properties are found by your audience.

Ad Campaign Option

We work with clients to define digital ad campaigns to promote properties with relevant ads across the web and mobile. Your campaign can be defined by any budget you want to setup based on the reach you need. Complete campaign results are shown in real time as well as a comprehensive report once completed. SiteMan for Retail includes comprehensive tagging and data tools for easy addition of tracking for any platform.


Restaurant menus can be added automatically via our data partners. Integration with OpenTable and other online reservation services can be done.

Movie Theater Times

We also provide movie theater times automatically for those properties that have them.


SiteMan for Retail offers analytics summaries from within the dashboard. Google Analytics provides app, mobile web, and web stats. We also integrate Google Play, and iTunes Connect data for overall app download and install information.

Apps Guest Login

Single login for guests for the web, mobile web, and apps

Single callout on home page to explain advantages to guests of signing in

Login options

  • via Facebook
  • via Google
  • via Twitter

Associating e-mail with login will tie-in preferences for e-mail campaigns as well

Favorite Stores

  • Used for customized e-mail newsletters
  • Section of the store directory lists favorite retailers separately
  • Social media wall shows content from favorite retailers only
  • Homepage prioritizes favorite retailers
  • Events show favorite retailers at top
  • Users with shorter lists of favorites also see suggested favorites
  • Suggested favorites come from stores where user visited

E-mail newsletters

  • Special Events - get a one-off e-mail with unique layout
  • Weekly - automated e-mail pulling from favorited retailers only
    • Deals
    • Events
    • Social Media posts

Integration with App

  • Product search shopping lists - now stored and synched on app and web
  • iBeacon messages tailored to only preferred retailers (can be overridden for globe promotion by property)
  • Push notifications of events or deals from favorite retailers only
    • Summary notification is displayed when entering perimeter (e.g. “You have 6 events and deals from your favorite stores”)
    • Favorites also synch across the app and the website
  • Can opt-in to receive updates on products they search for when they come up in deals
CorporateCorporate Web Presence Opportunities

Red 5 offers full design and development capabilities for our clients for any digital project. Often we are called upon to handle our clients corporate web presences. One of the advantages we bring to the table when doing a corporate web presence is our ability to integrate tenant information for leasing portions of the corporate site. This ties in the store directory information being kept up to date on the properties with the corporate site. A feature of this can be the ability for a prospective tenant to enter criteria (such as certain retailers) and have all properties that meet that criteria show on a list. We can also integrate with backend systems to manage active tenants (e.g. Planimetron).

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